The Harris Guide brings you a 100% success rate with our Accreditation Consulting.

Decades of accreditation experience -- working as independent consultants and within organizations -- enable us to help a variety of residential, in-patient and outpatient treatment facilities and behavioral health organizations throughout the U.S.

Our clients receive the Joint Commission, CARF, AHCA accreditations and the DCF/State Licensure they need to succeed and grow. They are helped by our uniquely holistic, and realistic, view of behavioral health and addiction treatment.

We’ve gained experience at every level of management and administration on both the clinical and operational sides. The expertise we provide is rooted in this depth of knowledge about how systems and processes really work, and how things need to work, for an organization to be accredited and successful.


The Harris Guide will help you prepare, practice, and succeed through your or Joint Commission, CARF and AHCA survey and accreditation process. Our specialties are Laboratories, Detoxification Facilities and Technology-Based Settings.

Survey Preparation includes:

  • Comprehensive, Customized Organizational Assessment

  • Customized Survey Process Training

  • Customized Survey Preparation

  • Customized Practice Surveys

  • Standards Training

  • EOC/Life Safety Code Review


All of The Harris Guide Survey findings, along with recommendations, are delivered concisely to your management team and discussed in detail. We don’t leave until the process is complete. On-site and off-site assistance is available for help in implementing survey recommendations.

To provide accreditation readiness we include a review of the following:

  • Facilities

  • Policy and Procedure Manual

  • Quality Assurance Plan

  • Corporate Compliance Program

  • Risk Management/Strategic Planning Model

  • Accessibility

  • Information Technology

  • Health and Safety Policy and Procedure Manuals

  • Customized Assessment and Survey Instruments

  • Consumer Handbooks



To remain prepared for a Survey, we assess every aspect of your facility and review every step of your process to develop practice surveys. The Harris Guide will develop, review, and ask the critical questions to help your organization be completely prepared at all times.

We address patient intake and assessment, record assessment, staff meetings, and environment and clinical documentation. A walk-through of your system with a patient record will help us to observe client explanations and assessments. We include individual and group meetings, treatment planning, outcome measurement, and end with an interview with that patient. This exercise exposes any gaps that must be filled prior to an actual Survey.

The Harris Guide remains current with the today’s Survey techniques, and will help coach managers and staff on how to properly respond to challenges.

You will receive a detailed report outlining strengths and areas in need of improvement. A Practice Survey will allow staff to experience the survey process and gain confidence in their Survey presentation skills.

Practice Surveys are beneficial at various times in the accreditation process:

  • Upon initial application for accreditation

  • After a review of policies, procedures and documentation

  • When adding a new program in a currently accredited organization

  • For organizations that have received a one-year accreditation and are preparing for a renewal visit

  • To assist an organization in becoming familiar with and ready for the accreditation survey process to obtain the best outcome



To maximize your continued accreditation success, The Harris Guide offers customized After Care services to maintain your accreditation. These services include ongoing operational compliance assessments, outcome analytics review, practice surveys and more.